RMI : Remote Method Invocation in Java

This page holds pointers to techniques and sites for the Java Remote Method Invocation, a kind of Remote Procedure Call for distributed applications in Java.

Here is one chapter of my book "Applications Réparties en Java" in French about RMI.

Along time, this page adds more excentic software related to distributed applications, such as non-standard versions of RMI, or clustering in java.

Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

RMI and eclipse

It is very easy to use RMI tools in eclipse. For generating stubs, create a new external tool with location :


with : Working directory the variable :


with arguments :



Exemples de programmes RMI (Michel Riveill)

Object activation


RMI and security


Products and tools - Alternatives and enhancements

Tutorials, education

TP Essi

Sun Quizz RMI



Other links

See also : Java Security


Transporting Objects over Sockets

Java Sockets tutorial

Cours de Queinnec sur RMI et

Cours plus général

Encore un cours UDP/UDP Java

CSp in Java (jcsp)

Clustering in Java

Cajo project

MPJ Express: MPI (message Passing ) for Java



RMI framework

Sun RMI Tutorial

RMI IIOP : Sun cookbook

Getting started using RMI/IIOP

Example using POA

Seamlessly caching stubs for performance

Chapter 10 form Java RMI by Willima Grosso

Performance issues with Serialization

Comparing Externalizable to Serializable

Dynamically loading classes in RMI

Sun RMI guide


SecurityManager to download classes

Properties Rmi

Properties SunRmi

Object activation

Rmi chat

Using an asynchronous process manager to contain your RMI server applications

.Net Remoting versus RMI (en français)

Accessing a RMI/IIOP-based CORBA object with .NET remoting

RMI -IIOP Javaworld 99

RMI -IIOP tutorial

RMI-IIOP Sun reference

A corba Client to an EJB

Java Rmi Serialization by W. Grosso ed. OReilly

Comparison Socket/RMI en performance

Java IDL main page

Getting started with Java IDL

RMI threads FAQ

Concurrence de ressources et RMI

Designing RMI Applications

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